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In our universe, technology is brought to life to enhance your brand to the fullest. With our exceptional network of leading video producers and artists, we will supporte you at every stage of your creative process from developing a concept to end-to-end production, we provide spot on campaign support.

Our process makes sure aimless creativity is relegated to the past. Creating a cohesive visual exprerience across your visuals is essential. To help each video fit into the larger vision of your channel, we adapt the HERO, HELP, HUB framework to achieve a customer centric approach.

All our content creation is steeped in effective techniques that enhance your brand's positioning and marketing through motion content, thus amplifying your customer's experience at differents stages.

We make sure we adapt to the customer journey and ameliorate it with purposeful and driven content that makes your visual identity/strategy more customer centric.

Your specific goals will determine the voice, tone and style of the content we create for you.


ATTRACT          CONVERT          CLOSE          DELIGHT

Your brand's content will be positioned according to the various stages of the customer's journey Initially, we must attract with hight impact, dazzling visuals to garner new audiences for your brand. We do this with a HERO content creating hight impact videos  that introduce  your brand with a bang to a wide audience.

Then, having established the initial interest, we convert and close your customers. Here comes the HUB content putting out regular and consistent material to maintain engagement while boosting conversions and brand loyalty.

In HELP content we answer specific questions and queries to make your audience  feel at home with your brand. Once they become your customers, we follow up by delighting  them to maximise retention.



In the post covid world, global celebrities and movie production studios have more capacity  to undertake online PGC work to leverage on their global status. NEREIDES ENTERTAINMENT has unique access to these resources.

Online mobile consumption is the only way forward. Traditional marketing channels need to be disrupted. 

Our customers include:

- Global brands that want access to the mobile internet market

- Brands who want access to offshore Hollywood resources

- KOLs and local onshore celebrities who need better PGC

- Own stable of Portfolio companies.